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      Metal wall art is a wonderful way to accent your home or garden, or give as the perfect gift. Wyoming Metalworks offers many custom created designs for beautiful southwest metal wall hangings. Revitalize the look of your home decor with our vast collection of wall sculptures and metal clocks. Our furnishing selection also includes organizational furnishings such as metal key racks. These Metal key racks come in a variety of designs from western to tropical cutouts. You can also purchase our exquisite Metal silhouette clocks that have many cutout options. New to our furnishings is the custom lighting section. Here you can select your own metal cutout to accent any room. We have expanded our furnishing section even more too now include indoor and outdoor furnishings. With a diverse array of metal wall sculptures, it's easy to find high-quality furnishings for your home. Explore the different shapes, sizes and colors available; you'll love our options and our affordable prices. Look through our metal furnishings for even more ideas. Shop today!











Metal Artwork

New to our collection of Metal Cutouts is a new addition of Metal Wall Art. We have a wide variety of custom designed Southwest art. These Metal Art pieces have beautiful complimentary colors to enhance the nature elements in each unique metal scene. From elegant and beautiful to fun and charming, our selection has that perfect piece that will help tie together the look of any room. Scenes are not just limited to Cactus, and palm trees, but also include lizards, turtles and birds. New colored veins and beaded metal finishes really accentuate the beauty of these unique metal art works. Ranging in size to 12” x 12” to 12” x 16”, choose which size and color combination suits your home décor. Also included in our metal art are the 3 dimensional standing figurines, you can choose color, size and the figure icon you wish to enhance your surroundings.

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Metal Key Racks

One of the home decorators’ favorites are custom metal wall art pieces, because of their practical uses, as well as serving as a decoration. Metal wall art products  offered by Wyoming Metalworks consists of a  wide variety of metal silhouette cutout racks. Designs also include Western horses, Buffalo, Kokopelli, and tropical silhouettes. These metal wall hangers can be a creative addition to any home, office or RV.

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Metal Clocks

Copper on black or black on copper metal combinations create a very handsome clock. Wyoming Metalworks metal clocks are all made from USA made parts, even the clock movements. The 12” metal silhouette clocks have face numbers and the 8” metal cutout clocks do not which makes them very unique. We have a wide variety of western style clocks from kokopelli clocks, cowboy boot clocks, and horse clocks to barrel racer clocks. These two tone metal silhouette clocks are a great addition to any home or garden decor.

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Custom Metal Lights

The lighting within a room holds the ability to truly create the atmosphere that you’re looking for. Our custom metal Lighting category holds an assortment of options. From rustic lamps to our bar and pool table lighting, we offer a variety of choices for you. Create a cozy and warm atmosphere by combining your western furniture with one of our rustic lamps. Each design offers a personalized touch to any home den, game room or business. Choose which elements you would like to include in your creation.

Custom Metal Lights







Indoor and Outdoor Furnishings

Our indoor furnishings have several different Metal table designs to choose from: 25 x 49 x 18
Walnut and tempered glass, Tropical tiki round table 21" W X 18" H, and our western favorite 21" W X 18" H with  hat and boot pattern. . Perfect to accent any home, cabin or office. Available to furnish your outside areas are yard takes and our NEW portable
tabletop fire pit. These new metal pits are simply beautiful! With your choice of metal cutout combinations they are fully collapsible, coming apart in 4 pieces, no tools needed for assembly, 12” Long x 7” high and just need a candle to operate!









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